Write to Heal

Self Expression Time

Have you ever felt so high and happy you could fly?  or just wanted to giggle with delight.

That was were I was several years ago when I accepted an invitation to finger paint in a friend’s  basement. Large sheets of paper were attached to easels, one table held all the plastic jugs of paint and the paint dishes. I grabbed one, paused, watched the others and jumped right in. As I reached my fingers into the paint an innate feeling overtook me. It was so familiar, like I

had done it ages, eons ago and forgotten. But the joy of stroking my hands across the paper and watching the curves and swirls appear was so joyful to me that I giggled with glee.

Now I use paint brushes and my imagination, but the joy is still there and the benefits are outstanding –

  • freedom to play
  • freedom to be me
  • freedom to have fun
  • delight in making shapes and getting to create
  • joy in being with my Inner Child
  • brain relaxation
  • strengthened life force energy

I’ll be having more of these Self Expression Times on ZOOM. because I love it and I need it and I bet you do too.

So join me and have fun. 

You can register right here and pay $10, introductory $5 through paypal.


Healing our Health and Creating Healthy Relationships.


What is Writing to Heal?

Journaling your thoughts, or questions about life, expressing your raw, deep feelings about someone or something and telling your story in a new, more functional way is what Write to Heal is all about. It’s your personal therapy, spiritual connection, and childhood wisdom all rolled into one.

And it’s the most valuable resource you can use to shift your life, if you use it wisely. Here’s how and why  I started to write my story.


Amber’s Story

After a childhood with an abusive Mom, I was lost, and confused. Then one day I felt the urge to write poetry, and uncovered hidden veins of curiosity, questions and met the deeper me.

After my divorce  I felt numb, weak, drained of all joy, living in a bleak “Now what” state.  It made sense to talk and seek out therapy or support groups, but my heart wasn’t in it. Then after feeling the deep, deep loneliness and guilt associated with the marriage, I found myself in a12 step meeting surrounded by others seeking a way to regain their lives too.

Soon I was writing about my childhood woundedness and seeking an understanding of why and how I had entered that marriage. As volumes of pages emerged, I could see into the real me and suddenly I knew why and how. I had married to get away from my Mom. Love had nothing to do with it. Escape was my goal.

The intention to be free and to seek an answer to the problem had opened a door to my soul. And my soul responded. I had uncovered my emotional pain; I had found my answers. The emotional pain that had surrounded me and shut me down, drained my energy and left me feeling vulnerable to the world receded. A new raw, heart love for me emerged.

And We Write and Write and…

We all have a deep need to tell our story, to share a pain, to share our experiences for we are women seeking the courage to break free and find ourselves. We share a struggle for equal rights, acceptance, belonging, and a connection to the truth of our own souls.

We are hardwired to respond to stories— to tell them and to hear them, to share them and to remember them and to love them. Writing allows us to get the story out into the world.

I know many of you feel this urge yourself, to express yourself, to honor your journey or to release some emotional pain or find clarity.

teen sitting reading a book on bench

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that enclosed your understanding.”
— Khalil Gibran

“Find the place inside where there’s joy and the joy will burn out the pain.”
— Joseph Campbell

And the results are…..


Our life force energy gets stuck because we are worried, or overthinking, obsessed with justice or just repeating bad habits or plugged into our ancestor’s energy.

Once we start to really look at ourselves — our thoughts, beliefs, judgments, biases, prejudices, etc, —  we can see the root of the stuck energy in our bodies. Then through our writing we can release the stuck energy and heal our bodies and calm our minds.

Then pressure of not having an answer, the emotional pain of having made a mistake or hurting someone else dissolves like the fog and we can see clearly our issues and our behaviors.


We can use this same process to heal our relationships. We can also learn more about ourselves and others. We can open the door to love, true heart connection, insight, compassion, and empathy.  And this awakens our partners, family members and children in the same way. Then true heart based communication occurs.

I’ve seen this happen many times in my workshops as family conflicts end and caring relationships are built.


My writing about what I feel and have learned about myself and my life journey has resulted in amazing acceptance and recognition by others. My Facebook and Instagram posts have inspired and mesmerized others, and raised their curiosity and consciousness. They have found an inner life awareness and insights from my posts.

My Books

Release Your Magical Child is about my journey out of child abuse to find myself, and my spiritual journey to find soul strength and self empowerment. The workbooks that accompany this paperback will help others find  and free themselves too.

Mental Reset: power tools and a strategy to reset your mind for success is an interactive, introspective practical step by step process to move from finding your life goals to shifting your self esteem, your self image, and building inner courage to manifest your desires. It is a synthesis of ancient wisdom, practical psychology, Law of Attraction and personal development.

two book covers on blue background

Writing poetry that moves people to feel is also deeply rewarding to me and well received by others.


My healing writing workshops involve helping adults heal the wounds of family conflict. The results these women achieved was so heartwarming it  brought  tears of joy and relief to my eyes.

Sometimes that place inside is the place of sharing with another because you both hurt.

I would like to open your world to this deep feeling and appreciating our humanness experience. Join me and let’s write ourselves back to health and freedom.

woman sitting on a cliff journalling