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Life Coach Services

Our mental stability has been challenged these last few years. Right?  Many of us feel overwhelmed by stress, worry, confusion and its causing nagging health issues.

 We are not living with a sense of self fulfillment, inner peace or connection to our Spiritual essence. But they are the most valuable elements of us.

When you feel at peace with yourself, are connected to your Spiritual guidance, you feel protected, cared for, fulfilled and your special innate gifts can shine. Your gifts are super important to the world right now because they are your contribution to the new world we are collectively creating.

 If you don’t meet your basic needs, though, you will soon be tied up in anger, fear, depression, overwhelm and health issues, or living in unhealthy family programming.

Once you manage your emotions, a New You appears. Your personality, your face in the world, becomes visible to everyone and attracts to you the right opportunities for your well being through the Law Of Attraction. This is the coveted synchronization we all crave.

GOOD NEWS: There are simple, effective self help ways to manage all of these issues.
And you can have fun and feel joy again doing them.

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Scan sap your energy, your joy and freedom in life. I teach basic special self help tools that will restore your energy, your spontaneity, your power over your life.



allows you to talk to your subconscious and get the answers to your problems, or see your mindset, or explore a new dimension of thought, or play with creativity, or access part of your childhood or past life that lies buried.

I was introduced to the power of creativity, self expression and play through emotional healing books and expressive arts classes. It is relaxing, fulfilling and effective. I love them.

Mentally jump into the colors in this painting and feel. Just feel, no thinking, analyzing, brainstorming, just relax and feel. Enjoy.


We all learn biases, prejudices, hate and conflict through society and our families. It can cause us to live life through distorted lens and to adopt these behavioral patterns as our own. We can be free from this energy, and mindset and live in a more open, uplifting, joyful way. I have been helping people free themselves from this restrictive lifestyle for over 20 years. Their response— “Ah, I feel so free.”

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I received my hypnotherapy certificate from Inner Quest School of Hypnotherapy in Auburn, Ca and my coaching certificate from Interchange Counseling Institute of San Francisco, Ca. Both are innovative, pragmatic programs which gave me the tools to shift mindset, self image, and challenging relationships. My clients love it. I do one on one coaching and have been teaching these tools in Sacramento and Omaha support groups, and women’s groups.


Have you ever been stymied by a life challenge?
Have you sought guidance, and direction from your Higher Self or guardian angel?
Their advice is so refreshing, so nourishing and so right on.  It fills your being with joy. So does the advice they channel through me. I’ve even included it in my coaching sessions and clients love it.


Does your organization or small business have a continuing education program? Would they like an inspiration or motivational speech with fun and effective uplifting life tips? I have spoken at women’s retreats, support groups, and my own shift your mindset groups in California and Omaha, Nebraska. I also give suggestions for shifting your mindset and problem solving through Peer Support zoom calls.

My Books

release your magical child


My PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) healing journey was deep, sometimes emotionally draining, but very effective. Spirit pushed me to write a very unusual third person story about it, Release Your Magical Child. to guide others through a healing process.  Camillia, this book’s heroine, is an emotionally numb debt counselor  who  lives in a world of snake & coffin nightmares with an emotionally abusive mom. She knows the way back to sanity.


Power tools & a strategy to reset your mind for success is a self help, interactive ebook allowing you to create a more integrative, happy-focused mindset and self image. It is an integration of ancient wisdom, modern neuroscience and your inner willpower to help you overcome your negative thoughts, get guidance from your feelings, build your courage muscle through yoga, breathing and journaling. It’s an easy to use, practical manual.

Let’s explore our problems and build courage and power skills together. Sign up on my Contact page for my upcoming ZOOM calls.

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