Your Needs, Your Brain, Your Intuition — The Conflict

Your Needs, Your Brain, Your Intuition — The Conflict

by Amber DeAnn

Your brain likes to deal with figures, logic, analysis and other concrete things.

Your brain knows how to add up cost of your groceries, where to go to get gas for your car, how to write a FB post, and it remembers the harsh words your Mom said when you were 5.

It, however, is lost when processing what you should do for a living, where you should live and who will nourish you back to mental stability and rekindle the love in your heart.


That is not what it is designed to do. That’s not it’s job.

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“Carl Jung considered creativity and imagination necessary to achieve psychological balance, as well as to accomplish meaningful work. Jung felt he could bridge the gap between the deeper intuitive psyche and logical waking mind by using the creative process to actively engage in what arose in his unconscious and integrate it into his conscious life. This he called ‘active imagination,’” from Creativity as Healing  by Jennifer Dumpert.

Some days  I feel like I’m drowning in a swirling world of nightmares, harsh memories from a childhood in dysfunctional family, old mental recordings of self abasing statements from family, teachers, strangers which overwhelms my logic and present day consciousness. Then I remember the function of the brain — to regurgitate the past to keep me safe from being in that situation with those types of people and repeating those emotionally wounding negative experiences.

It’s then that I have to refocus on my intentions for the day and for my life. I ask myself,

“What does my intuitive self feels is important at this moment? “

I call in my Happy Self/Inner Child and we hug, hang out and share precious minutes of being together. We laugh over the absurdities of the brain’s Chicken Little mentality— “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” We smile over the calming power of our love and togetherness.

Together the Inner Child  and our intuition (inner sense) resolve to march together into the unknown with a sense of curiosity and adventure. I mean, who knows what exciting new adventures we may encounter. If we get into trouble, the we’ll call in the brain and like C3PO plug into it’s enormous data bank of knowledge and problem solving abilities.

I find opening my imagination is the key to unlocking my desire, hopes and dreams and releasing them to manifest in the world.

Just as Carl Jung used unconscious symbols and images to open his ability to the vast possibilities of creating with his mind, so we too can walk the same exciting trail and appreciate the same wonderful, exciting adventures. Bon Voyage.