Why We Paint

Have you ever felt so high and happy you could fly?  or just wanted to giggle with delight?.

That was were I was several years ago when I accepted an invitation to finger paint in a friend’s  basement. Large sheets of paper were attached to easels, one table held all the plastic jugs of paint and the paint dishes. I grabbed one, paused, watched the others and jumped right in. As I reached my fingers into the paint an innate feeling overtook me. It was so familiar, like I had done it ages, eons ago and forgotten about it. The joy of stroking my hands across the paper and watching the curves and swirls appear was so joyful to me that I giggled with glee.


My finger painting I was connecting to my innate creativity, imagination, spontaneousness and independent will power – my Inner Child traits.

Kids playing with colorful blocks

Now I paint my feelings, letting my intuition guide me. And I use my imagination. The joy is still there and the benefits are outstanding –

  • freedom to play
  • freedom to be me and to my emotions
  • freedom to have fun, be spontaneous
  • delight in making shapes and getting to create
  • joy in being with my Inner Child
  • brain relaxation
  • strengthened life force energy
  • developing a stronger connection to curiosity, creativity, adventure,
  • developing a connection to Source (GOD) and my intuition