Strengthen Intuition- Mental Reset ebook

Strengthen Intuition- Mental Reset ebook

by Amber DeAnn, life coach, hypnotherapist, author


Thinking vs intuition

Thinking is not the answer to life’s problems. There is a bigger, better inner talent. It’s called your intuition. It is a sensory “knowing” that comes from connection to your Spirit. This real intuition should be the master of your rational thought.  It has the capacity to tap into the wisdom database of the Cosmic realm.

It can answer your questions like…

  • What do I like to do ?
  • Where should I be focusing my time and energy?
  • What are my innate skills?
  • What is the best life path for me?

All of these answers come from deep inside you—from your inner knowing — from your Soul.


One way to tap into this highly enlightened, inner knowing is through my new self help ebook, Mental Reset; power tools & strategy to reset your mind for success. Here you will be guided step by step to acknowledging your forgotten dreams to shifting your mindset and self esteem to building the inner courage to manifest those dreams. It’s a walk through ancient wisdom, neuroscience, basic psychology, common sense practicality and Abraham Hicks Inspiration. Once you have synthesized the wisdom of these aspects of the mind-body-emotion-soul connection, you are on your way to easier and faster manifestation.

This “yummy” intuitive based approach to getting what you want is really building your Inner Game Skills. It will feel like a compassionate mentor walking beside you whispering instructions in your ear.

Who could you be if  you were whole again using all of your skills and talents and being led by your intuition?