The Mask— Necessity or Health Risk

The Mask— Necessity or Health Risk

Masks are not just a bother and nuisance, they have a detrimental affect on your health. Dr James Meehan says, “Masks can block oxygen intake significantly. That’s been demonstrated in experiments all over the world.” Dr Colleen Huber, one of the coauthors of paper on the problems with wearing masks, states, “forcing everyone to wear masks doesn’t make sense. Respiratory droplets have been really exaggerated recently by those who advocate masks.” Dr Jay Bharracharya, medical professor at Stanford University has said, mask mandates “are not supported by scientific data. There is no randomized evidence to show that mask mandates (wearing a mask) would work to slow the spread of the disease. They don’t even work to slow the spread of influenza. “

On March 30, 2020 a UN in a tweet, experts from the WHO (World Health Organization ) stated “there is no evidence that wearing a mask by healthy people has any medical benefit.” Dr Colleen Huber says there is a concerted effort to censor any negative information about masks, even if it would be important to public health. She also says “Those blue masks are sterilized with ethylene oxide, a  known carcinogen and made with PFOA fibers which are a lung cancer risk, I retweeted this on Twitter and was kicked off for 7 days, now my account has been removed permanently.”

In 1978 OSHA determined that the optimal range of oxygen in air is 19.5% or more. However, when they measured the air space inside a mask with an OSHA approved oxygen meter it measured 17.4% initially and then dropped. Dr. Huber also said her research found lots of debris and loose fibers all over the face side surface of the masks. “When you inhale particulates, then you put yourself at risk for lung disease and one of the worst disease is pulmonary fibrosis which is suffocation. There is no cure.”

Since the masks deprive you of oxygen you have to breathe more forcefully through the mask to get air which causes you to suck in the particulates which then get stuck in your airways. Also, the masks cause you to breathe in carbon dioxide which you should be expelling. “Wearing a mask can also cause a buildup of bacteria resulting in facial rashes, fungal infections and bacterial infections.  This is creating bacterial pneumonia”, says Dr James Meehan.


As a strong advocate of alternative health care remedies, I will suggest the ones I use. These will put more oxygen into your bloodstream and  generally detox your system.

  • ChlorOxygen
  • Gaia brand echinacea goldenseal propolis
  • Broken cell wall chlorella tablets
  • Liquid Kelp

Other immune building herbs can be found at your local health food store. In California, we have Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Elliotts. Others may be ordered online.

To your health and safety,

Amber DeAnn