SURRENDER: Necessity Or Defeat

SURRENDER: Necessity Or Defeat

Let’s talk about surrender?

Why would you want to surrender?

Isn’t surrender giving up, realizing we have failed, admitting to humiliation, hanging our head in dismay, feeling low and powerless?

That’s what society thinks it is.

Surrender can be thought of as relinquishing all rights to an event or object, as a failure.  Or is it?

It is actually the opposite — it is realizing that your efforts are not producing the desired result, and your time and energy are not well spent.  And the struggle is making you feel drained, frustrated, disappointed, and defeated.  But “I have to solve this problem”, you say, and out of frustration, and exhaustion, you pull all of your energy out of the situation and wait for an answer, or a resource, or help of any kind.  You wait for God to answer your prayer.

There’s another option.  If you stay calm, enter into a neutral attitude to the situation or problem, you give your mind freedom to tap directly into the Universal wisdom bank.

This Universal wisdom will answer your questions by drawing you toward the resources that can help.  You will be led to pick up and read a certain book, to go and meet a certain person. This is the Science of Synchronicity.

The Universe will also talk to you through hunches, instincts and sometimes thoughts.  This is your spiritual guidance. Your intuition – your knight in shining armor —has just saved you.  How do you know this is the true, accurate information for you.  When your heart jumps at the possibility of a new solution, you have found your answer.  That is where I was several months ago. I had body aches and pains and stress issues that screamed for attention. Ignoring them did not work, sitting and focusing on them just made the pain worse.

What to do?

Stop, do nothing, wait for the Universe to provide an alternative solution.  It arrived in the form of a phone call— an invitation to do a 3-week spiritual retreat in India. Who could pass on that?

The retreat lived up to its hype— it delivered more than anyone could imagine.

Another time it was a call to hear a speaker discuss vibrational healing.  I booked an appointment with her and received the best healing I have ever had.  All from just listening to Spirit.

How often do you surrender and let your intuition solve the problem for you?