Same morning routine with coffee and cereal?

Same Commuter train?

Same destination?

Same job, same work procedure — same old, same old.

Exhale, inhale, exhale.

Is there something else besides this habit, this routine? YES.

Shifting habits mean shifting mindset.

It all starts with intention. Do you want something different? Yes?

Do you want to feel alive and more you?

You can perk up your day — once you spark up your brain.

You can have a mind that visualizes, imagines, and dreams.

You can create.

You can be innovative, experimental, fresh and new again.

You can seek new achievement, set new personal goals, try new activities and smile in that “I’m so pleased with myself” energy.

You can feel tingly with excitement — your heart pumping, your mind focused, alive and ready for action.


The secret – the thoughts are in your head, but you shift them with your body.


Doing the same activity, in the same way, creates a habit- a routine.

A habit causes certain neurons to fire and others to go inactive. So you keep repeating the same habit, the same behavior.

Neuroscience describes this as — “Reducing activity in the neurons of a part of the brain called OFC (orbitofrontal cortex) unlies habit formation. A neuron substance, endocannabinoids, reduces the activity of neurons.

Athletes have known for decades that this neuron substance, endocannabinoids, is responsible for creating the biology of bliss when you exercise.

It does a whole lot more in my body when I exercise. And it did for the people in my presentation.

P.S. Enjoy the humor in the video, too. Listen to the “on the spot” testimonials of people in my inner game presentation when they did a few unconventional movements.

To us metaphysical folks, it’s the mind-body connections. To us spiritual types, it’s working with your energy. And playing with your body’s energy is amazing fun.

Try the exercises in this video and see how you feel? Notice how you feel before you do the exercises and how you feel after. Ready, set, go.

Then send me a message through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and tell me how you are feeling.

–Amber DeAnn, life coach, writer,

Coaching By Amber