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Take Back Your Emotional Intelligence.

Let Your Inner Child lead the way.

Release Your Magical Child is a woman’s journey through PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to find inner peace.

Camillia is an emotionally numb debt counselor who lives in a world of logic, numbers, and stress. She has career aspirations. Now plagued by nightmares of snakes and coffins, she realizes she is caught in her past-between a scared, traumatized young child and a mind controlling abusive, harsh Mom. The way out means going back through the pain.

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release your magical child

Release You’re Magical Child Excerpt

“You be nice! Love me.” the fairy kisses the air as he speaks to upset child
Camillia. “You ready for a spirit friend.”

“I am. You going to help me. My dog used to help me.” child Camillia says.
“Dog’s name was Freckles.” Fairy responded. “You’ll see him again.”
Camilla learns how she got caught in this situation.
“Treating yourself as your parents treated you is continuing the old painful attitudes that hurt you as a child and now limit your opportunities as an adult.”

— Your Inner Child of the Past, (book)

girl flying in air with butterflies around her

Her journey to her whole self opens her to an inner resource and a hidden love that pulls her into a more fulfilling life.

The past that restricts her—will also set her free.

This book will help the reader:

  • Learn to accept and understand your emotions
  • Learn how you became wounded and heal it
  • Re-enter a child’s world of trust, love, acceptance and imagination
  • Reconnect to a deep nurturing inner love
  • Witness the love and help of angel guides.


“I want to say that your book is great. I found myself going in and out of a multitude of feelings.”

— Elaine Pike, caregiver

“Your book brought out my magical side and inspired me to start writing again. It honored my life and changed my life. Thanks”

Kathleen Scott, spiritualist 

“Amber has combined life experience and inner guidance to put together an insightful book that is inspirational while offering much needed solutions for countless others traveling a difficult abusive childhood path.  Her perception of the self-talk that takes place in the in the mind between the adult and the Inner Child was right on. I found this book to be enlightening and very educational. A must read for those attending any life changing program.”

Raymond Augustyniak, PHD. , author, Bowen practitioner


While immersed in hypnotherapy class, she channeled a book, Release Your Magical Child, of her struggle to free herself from mom’s control and abuse and reconnect with her Inner Child and her spirit.

Years of hypnotherapy, self-study and exploration had given her back her ability to speak up and take control over her life. But living in a angry, confusing, emotionally charged, work addiction family had caused Amber to shut down her feelings, dreams, and creativity just to survive.

A business degree, and a law degree did not produce any worldly job success. She still struggled with PTSD, low self-esteem and finding her identity. She asked her Spirit for help. In a dream she had become a personal development speaker and healer.

Understanding the Inner Child really shifted her mindset and opened the door to her emotions & her recovery. Now she shares this knowledge in this book.

This book complements Amber’s life coaching program which brings you into an amazing new powerful, happy state. She hopes to introduce people to a “Let’s Connect with our emotions” writing class using this book and 2 workbooks.

Amber DeAnn is a life coach, inner game coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive energy healer, writer and speaker.