Redefining Success

Redefining Success and Integrating Yourself

What Do You Aspire To?
What dreams have you buried?
What “I’m not good enough” self-image are you embracing?

It’s time to shift into the real you, the smart, the I can do it You. In the redefining success program I will help you see success as a journey and not a specific destination. This much more accurate way of looking at your life will better prepare you for the demands of your new endeavor.

The Redefining Success Program

The program, redefining success, is based on my eBook, Mental Reset, which presents you with a strategy, and 12 specific tools, for developing the life skills essential to creating success. The eBook will walk you the through essential self-awareness exercises that connect you with your buried dreams and your current mindset. Then it shows you the power of combining ancient wisdom tools and modern neuroscience to:

  • Clear your mindset
  • Build your inner resolve
  • Overcome negative mental relapses,
  • Shift your mental image
  • Strengthen your energetic field for success

Also, it adds practical techniques, based on the mind-body-soul-emotion connection to the wisdom of the Law of Attraction. It’s designed to get, and keep you, in a high energetic field. All to help ensure your success. It is a fun and simple way to learn the life skills for success.

The Benefits Will Flow

The redefining success sessions will help you:

  • Define success for you
  • Expand your awareness of your true self’s passions
  • Use your creativity to design your future
  • Discover your needs and how to meet them
  • Move into your courage
  • Reconnect to your intuition
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Learn techniques to melt your inner resistance
  • Strengthen your energy field
  • Make the journey fun and rewarding

By bringing in the needs, creativity and spontaneousness of your younger child, you stay connected to the lightness and playfulness needed to keep your energy level high and sustained. This enables you to stay focused and be more productive.

With a focus on the personal, human mental challenges of shifting your mindset, this program has the strength to be a supportive manual for clarifying intentions and giving you the necessary resources for preparing yourself for success.

“When you understand what makes you tick, you can drop what needs to be dumped and embrace what will carry you forward.” —Amber DeAnn

Focus now on the dreams you can remember that you tossed aside. Imagine a future living those dreams and imagine it in full color, with surround sound with you fully dressed and experiencing the future you desire. Come out of the cave and into the sunshine of a new, healthy, happy you.


“I definitely now have more energy to get things done.” — Sandy W.

“Thank you for the session. I cried all day.  A lot of emotional stuff was happening. But I now feel like an adult. I am no longer a victim of circumstances and can stand apart from them and simply deal with them.” — Annie J.


Contact me and let’s talk about your present and your future.

Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE!

Amber DeAnn