Pulling Out of Fear

Pulling Out of Fear


Fear can be a short term trepidation like wondering if your friend is going to show up for the movie.

Or a long term struggle with a multi headed monster growling at us several times a day, trying to scare us.


Check it out for yourself. Do you have fear Take the Fear Quiz Below. 



  1. Do you hate conflict with your family or friends?
  2. Do you hate arguments, yelling, screaming, and fights?
  3. Are you a highly sensitive person?
  4. Do you hide or avoid certain types of people? situations?
  5. Are you upset with yourself for not being braver, or more courageous?
  6. Have you been afraid of trying new activities or asking for a raise or promotion?
  7. Has someone offended or abused you emotionally or physically lately and you can’t speak up to them?
  8. Do you seek freedom from the shy, quiet, protective part of you?
  9. Do you seek adventure, new experiences, or travel but are afraid to jump into it
  10. Are you afraid of asking an authority figure for something ie time off for a sick child, or a refund, or an apology, or stopping an abusive behavior?

Total your “yes” scores. That is your fear.

Did you find some fear? It’s ok. We all have some.

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It can, however, cause problems in your life. It can paralyze us causing us to lose our courage, weaken our life force, abandon our dreams, and ignore our needs and desires.


It can also force us into living a life of anxiety.

Anxiety is constant, relentless discomfort with the pressures of life and our ability to handle them.

It can wear down your nerves, causing you to snap at your family and friends.

And if you bottle it up inside it eats away at your digestive system, your immune system and dulls your mind. It’s not the ideal way to live.


Check it out for yourself.  Do you have anxiety? Take the Anxiety Test Below.

  1. I feel jumpy.
  2. I feel irritated
  3. I feel like something bad is about to happen.
  4. I feel like I’m missing out on something in life.
  5. I feel like I can’t move fast enough to get up with the pace of life or the life goals that I have set for myself.
  6. I am eating faster than I ever did to make up for time.
  7. I can’t sleep as well as I want too.
  8. I move fast, even run, through my life to keep up with my daily activities.
  9. My anxiety started with __________________   experience.
  10. I have no time for the fun things in life.
  11. I yearn to do more than I can get done in a day.
  12. I yearn to be more, to be bigger, more expansive with my life.
  13. I yearn to get off the stressful life merry-go-round.
  14. I want to settle down and enjoy each day and not worry about deadlines

Total your “yes” and that is your score.

You can fight anxiety daily but that will be exhausting or you can transform it.


Here we use it’s power and its message to reShape our lives in a more empowering way.

The trick about calming and redirecting Fear and Anxiety is finding your inner resources and a nonjudgmental friend for support. You may not be able to use your parents, your spouse, or kids because seeing someone they love in fear puts them in fear and brings up the admonitions of “Don’t do that, Don’t go there, This isn’t safe.” That just increases your fear and keeps you blocked.


FEAR is a learned behavior. You learn it from your family, your friends and your society. You are not born with fear. You acquire it by living. It comes through your life experiences. You can subdue fear and transform it into a powerful ally.


Look at your FEAR as a warning sign on car’s dashboard. It is meant to keep you safe and secure. It is there for your self protection and the continued performance of your car. In your life it is something to deal with, not something to be scared of or go into a trauma over. Just deal with it and fix the problem and move on. Befriend it. And we befriend it by getting to the root of the fear and pulling it out.

Work with it. This happens when you hear the message and take appropriate action- fix the problem, mend the relationship, apologize, study for the test, ask for the raise, try the new activity. And you will have freedom, wisdom and courage beyond what you could imagine.

Clearing Fear sessions will work with the original source of the fear you are experiencing, By working with energy we can clear the discomfort for you and the other person even when they are not present.  This melts and transforms the annoying situation.

Remember the Cinderella story. You can move from slave to your stepsisters to Princess. Let’s redirect this powerful energy so you can get what you want easily, and create harmonious relationships along the way.

These sessions will teach you how to:

  • Listen to the message in your fear.
  • Melt resistance to dealing with your fear.
  • Let your mind lovingly embrace your fear.
  • Retrain the fear energy to be a useful sentry.
  • Create a new vision of you without fear.

Ready for some courage and joy in your life.



“I just wanted to let you know how great the workshop was. My issue was feeling stuck and unable to move forward  I received an am still receiving many insights. My favorite part was tuning in and letting my body speak. One of the answers I received was that I needed to “crow.” I love it.”  — Debbie P.

Contact me and let’s talk about your present and your future.

Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.

Amber DeAnn