Pulling Out of Depression

Pulling Out of Depression

Depression could be just a subconscious mind thought form, which got stuck in the brain and repeats like a software coding loop. Depression has many faces and covers many topics.

Short term depression arising because you have lost a loved one or failed an exam or was fired or passed over for a job or you are sick and not healing as fast as you would like.

Longer term depression because you can’t move into that new job or career, or you can’t be the artist, writer, or engineer that you want to be, or you can’t find the right kind of friends or partner.


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Do You Think You Could Have Depression?
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Do you feel not “quite with it”?

Do you feel sad, cry or notice an deep inner sadness emerging?

Does life seem meaningless, dark, or gray?

Does life seem numb?

Do you want to be left alone and stay away from people?

Do you feel you have no energy and enthusiasm for the things you used to like ie drinking, social life?

Do you forget things? Find it hard to concentrate?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Or you feel tired all the time?

Do  you have thoughts about death?

Have you lost your appetite?

Have you recently lost someone close to you?

Do  you have recurring or chronic pain?

Have you had an argument with your spouse or significant other and feel “down”?

Are you anxious or agitated? restless or fidgety?

Are you in fear?

Do you feel lonely?

Do you eat more sugar, drink alcohol, drink more coffee than usual?


Now look at  your “yeses.” There’s your answer.

Depression & Thought

Have you ever tried to think your way out of depression?

If only I could think positive, it would go away. If only I had not acted so self centered. I would not have these depressed and gloomy thoughts?

Did any of that help? No. And the more we focus on it and try to think about what is bugging us, the deeper into depression we sink. Too much thinking pulls us into shame, blame and guilt.

Depression Harms Your Future

Depression puts a clamp on your life, your future, and definitely your creativity. I once heard a guru say that “Depression is blocked creativity.” That stuck with me— that was the kind of depression I had. If I could only find and be in my creativity, I would be fine, I thought. My journey to manifest that ideal lifestyle took me into my short and long term depression issues.

Is Depression a Messenger or Unwanted Parasite?

I learned that depression also has a message. Once I understood the message, the solution was clear. What is your depression trying to say to you? What if it is a reaction to your life’s events that you buried subconsciously? Depression could be someone else’s energy or you could have absorbed someone else’s depressed energy.

What if your depression was not all about you? What if it is an inherited thought coming from parents? Let’s look at the deeper meaning of your depression. It’s the best way to melt it away. Clearing them out of my life moved me into the greatest freedom and explosion of creative urges and ideas I could imagine.

It was totally awesome. You can have that dynamic hit of creativity too and the energy and stamina to carry you to your dreams. It just takes a little mental house cleaning.

Inner conflict and game

The Benefits of Clearing Your Depression Will Be…

Higher Energy Level
Higher Productivity
Better Attitude About Life
More Creative Ideas
More Freedom to Express Your Creativity
More Fun, Exciting, Creative Friends
Easier Life
More Adventure, New Experiences
Maybe Even a New Career

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“Amber is amazing! I’m feeling lighter and brighter.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I thank you for making me feel alive again.  I was stuck.” – Niki Taylor

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