Pulling Out of Anger

Understand How to Pull Out of the Four Different Types of Anger

What types of anger might you be dealing with?


There is the anger you vent at someone else like yelling, screaming at your spouse, mom, kids.  Hitting and beating are other types of anger. Gossiping, talking or thinking nasty, hurtful stuff about another person are forms of jealousy – which is anger in another form.

We think if we explode and get our frustrations off our chest it will be over. But anger hurts both you and the other person and can cause resentments for years, poisoning your present and future relationships.


Then there is the internal anger.
It goes beyond irritation at some act we have done or some behavior that doesn’t meet our needs. It can become embedded in us as shame or guilt. It can shift from “I am angry at Mom,” to “I’m such a fool to believe what she said about me.”

Or “I’m angry at that salesman who talked me into buying this thing I really don’t need,” to “I’m stupid. I’m lazy for not doing my homework before I sat down with the salesman. I’m an idiot for believing his statement. I’m such a loser. I can’t do anything right, I can’t make wise decisions.”  You get the idea.


This type of anger bashing, cuts your self-respect to shreds, lowers your identity and tarnishes our self image. You can even start believing the bashing & ridicule you are saying about yourself. You can feel worthless and unimportant and soon your life will mirror your statements.

Soon you will feel and act stupid in many situations. You won’t do your homework before making financial decisions. You will believe  con men, etc. Your thoughts will create the kind of life you are trying to escape from. This self dialogue also  has severe consequences on your health. Negative emotions like this are one of the leading contributors to cancer and tons of other terminal diseases.

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Test Yourself

Let’s see how deep your anger goes.  Take the following quiz and then think about those situations where you have belittled yourself when you were angry.

Take an Anger Quiz to Reflect

  1. Do you yell at your kids for doing small misbehaviors?
  2. Do you feel uptight, irritated? or like screaming or hitting someone?
  3. Do you say nasty, hurtful things to others when you are angry?
  4. Do you have a fiery temper?
  5. What are you angry about?
  6. Your behavior?
  7. Your kid’s behavior?
  8. Your spouse’s behavior?
  9. Your parent’s behavior?
  10. Your future?
  11. Do you feel annoyed when you’re not given recognition and accolades for doing good work?
  12. Do you get angry when life doesn’t go your way?

Then focus on the arthritis in your wrists or ankles, the tightness in your neck and back, the indigestion in your stomach.  They all have a message for you— “Stop the self imposed stress. You are making me sick and I can’t function when I am sick.” We’ve all been angry and we’ve all used it destructively to harm ourselves and others. We can change that.

Let’s look at how anger affects our behavior.

woman yelling at a little boy

Types of Anger and Our Behavior

Let’s take a new look at it.

  1. What if anger were really a messenger?
  2. How can anger be a message?
The Truth About Anger

 Anger is a message and we can learn how to decode the message and use it wisely in our lives. Anger can be released from the body and from your psyche. It just takes a strong intention, a change of viewpoint, and some energy releasing sessions.

Once we redirect this powerful energy in a session, you can get what you want a little easier, and create harmonious relationships along the way.


These sessions will enable you to:

  • Listen to messages in your anger
  • Melt resistance to dealing with your anger
  • Shift your mindset to transform the energy in your anger
  • Discover ways to use this transformed energy to meet your goals
  • Create a new vision of you without anger

Let’s Look at Some Example

You are angry at your mom because she doesn’t like your boyfriend. May be she feels the boyfriend would demean you  and embroil you in a life of struggle or physical pain, but you can’t see this.

Check It Out

Does he make you feel unimportant and lower your self esteem? Maybe that is his purpose.  Maybe he is in your life to show you that you are demeaning yourself. What are you going to do about it?

You marry a woman who acts and talks just like your mom. She is critical, sharp tongued, belittling, backstabbing, and impatient. But you married her because this behavior was familiar to you. It reminded you of home.

Maybe you now feel that you don’t want to be in this low vibration energy any more. You get angry with her now for saying the same things she has said for years. You are feeling that you deserve something better. What are you going to do about it?

Get ready to understand your types of anger and release your mind. Use that energy to bring you something you really want.

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“Today I had a wonderful visit with my daughter. She had been critical of me, saying very harsh words. But now she is trying to help me. It made me cry. I am unusually relaxed, the pain in my arms is much lower. I’m feeling more normal now. Thanks for the session.” – Paula W.

“I have been fired up about my family drama for about a year now. I used to get a knot in my stomach and outright rage. But since our session, I can now read an email from my mom or my sister and have no physical sensation at all. The stress is just gone. Thanks, amber”  — Teddi J

Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.
Amber DeAnn