PTSD from Child Abuse - The Empowerment Journey

PTSD from Child Abuse - The Empowerment Journey

by Amber DeAnn, life coach, hypnotherapist, author


Once you feel you have PTSD from child abuse, do some online research. You will discover the different aspects of PTSD. There are many layers and they cover the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of you.

It’s important to understand the big picture of the affects of PTSD on the human before you start your healing work.  It is not a fast “pop a pill” and you will feel better in the morning.

It is more like marathon training. It is learning the functionality of each of the above aspects of you and then how they connect and become the whole you.

It is an amazing journey into the world of energy, physiology and human behavior.  It will help you appreciate the interconnectedness of all things and show you that you are an essential element in the Cosmos.

Once you understand this connection it accelerates the yearning  of your heart to be more connected to the consciousness of the planet and the Cosmos. It will motivate you to move into the bigger role of being a superhuman. This is where the fun is and the challenge.

Imagine Superwoman in the early years.  She knows she has a talent but part of it feels out of control and brings misfortune and part of it feels so awesome, so heartwarming and lets her do

powerful actions. It feels so good.

In the film Superwoman she has the power to defeat the bad guys.  But in real life who are the bad guys? They are the anger monster, the tyrant monster, the abuser, and the persecutor. Where do these people show up in real life? Inside you.

Parts of you have picked up the energy of parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues, other family members, friends who have held onto their anger, fear, resentments, disappointments in life.

They are now intertwined inside you, They are negative nasty energy that is interfering with your life path and your goals.

Do you want to be controlled by these nasty energies? Of course, not. And you don’t need to. You can clean them out and you do that by learning self regulation and self control.

Self control will set you on the path of your dreams. It will open doors to increased willpower or self realization. It will push your thinking beyond the daily “to do list” to let’s “transform the world”.

It will expand your heart energy to allowing you to feel a brotherly and sisterly connection with humans, animals, and nature. It will feel powerful— like there are no limitations, no restrictions and no boundaries. It’s a feeling of wholeness, invincibility and pure power.

This is why you have these child abuse challenges.  It’s not to punish you, but to grow you. It’s not limiting, it’s expanding. It’s not defeating, it’s empowering.

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We can create a freer life and be empowered again.  — amber