Self Image Integration — Is personal development's next step.

Self Image Integration — Is personal development's next step.

By Life Coach Amber DeAnn

Personal development means growing new skills. One very important one is self image.

I’m not talking about how you look in black? or how you like your new hair cut.

I’m talking about what do you feel about yourself. I have heard so many personal development coaches talk about the need for self love and how important that was to manifesting whatever they wanted. manifesting whatever you like. 

Tonight i was reminded again by Dee Wallace’s new event Clarity of Creation — Accessing your True Power of Manifestation event. She said we have to love ourselves. As I listened, my head nods. Of course, this is important. Let’s look at WHY?

Because your subconscious responds to the vibration of your thoughts. If your thoughts about yourself are negative, you will create negative things. It creates what you are thinking about. Try it. 


Think of all the mistakes you made in your life or in your business. Notice how you feel. 

It is upbeat or downtrodden?  Do you feel heavy, like a failure?. How does your self confidence feel? Do you feel like you can fly to the moon or barely get out of bed? That’s how your thoughts affect your life.

 Are you accepting the negative mind chatter now running through your head? Does it feel like it is beating you up?

For many of us our negative mind chatter comes from our family of origin. Frustrated by something we did or said, they lashed out and we believed them and held onto that as a label we had to live with. No. 

It won’t help you right now. It won’t create that new job or artwork you have your mind set on, will it? It won’t boost your self image. It won’t help your personal development.


Continuing to carry her judgment of you or your actions around with you through life is like the old man in the movie, UP, who carried his house on his back for years while grieving the death of his wife. He was living in the memories of his ex-wife, in the activities they enjoyed, in her presence. He really just needed to say “I’ll honor our time together and I delighted in your company all those years, but now I need to say goodbye and move into creating a new life. I need some space from those memories.  I have needs and wants. I need to meet my needs now.”

How many of us do that? How many of us carry around the pain of our mistakes and whip ourselves like a slave master? How is that going to change anything? It won’t. It just keeps the sting of the mistakes alive and alive and abusing us. It keeps the creation of something positive and fulfilling at a distance from us—that delightful, soul satisfying painting you want to create will never get finished. 

Try an experiment. 

Write down one mistake you made. Write down the situation, your actions, the other person’s reactIons. Then write down what you were thinking when you did what you did. What was your goal? What objectives were you trying to achieve? What better life experience did you have in mind when you went into this situation?

Can you see your intentions were pure, your objective was to create a better life, or acquire something? You were trying to move forward. 

Congratulate yourself for that.

We all make mistakes and we all learn from them. Try a different approach next time. Here is a great resource.  

MY new ebook, Mental Reset: power tools and a strategy to reset your mind for success, has some new techniques for shifting self esteem and self image. It’s your right and your duty to have high esteem. And it’s a necessity for powerful manifesters. Check it out-

To your best self, and your success as a manifestor.

 — amber