Shifting SELF IMAGE —and thriving after COVID

Shifting SELF IMAGE —and thriving after COVID

Surviving after COVID means growing new skills, growing new inner strength, new resilience to life’s challenges and it means shifting your self image. 

I’m not talking about wearing black to look powerful or a new hair cut or losing 10 lbs. 

I’m talking about how you feel about yourself and your ability to shift your life circumstances and deal with life problems. 

Recently I watched Dee Wallace’s new event Clarity of Creation — Accessing your True Power of Manifestation event. She said we have to love ourselves. As I listened, my head nodded. Of course, this is important.


Let’s look at WHY?

Because your subconscious responds to the vibration of your emotions and thoughts. If either of these are negative ie “I don’t deserve a second chance”, or “I can’t make money” that will be the thought that gets stuck in your subconscious. Your subconscious will create events and circumstances that reflect your thoughts. Try it. 



Think of one mistake you made in your life or in your business. Notice how you feel. 

It is upbeat or downtrodden?  Do you feel heavy, like a failure? How does your self confidence feel? Do you feel like you can fly to the moon or barely get out of bed? That’s how your thoughts affect your life.

Are you accepting the negative mind chatter now running through your head? Or does it feel like it is beating you up? Do you feel it is keeping the sting of your mistakes alive within you? Or are you ready to drop that mistake and move on?

For many of us our negative mind chatter comes from our family of origin. Frustrated by something we did or said as children, our parents lashed out and criticized us. Maybe they called us stupid, or you’re a failure or spoiled and undisciplined and we believed them and held onto that as a label we had to live with. No. 



Continuing to carry her judgment of you or your actions around with you through life is like the old man in the movie, UP, who carried his house on his back for years while grieving the death of his wife. He was living in the memories of his ex-wife, in the activities they enjoyed, in her presence. He really just needed to say “I’ll honor our time together and I delighted in your company all those years, but now I need to say goodbye and move into creating a new life. I need some space from those memories.  It’s time I take care of me right now.”

How many of us do that? How many of us carry around our self image or old memories or regrets about the past? It feels like being strangled to me. How does it feel to you?

You know you can’t change your life or find or create that new job or boost your self image with that mindset.

You can create something positive and fulfilling – from a new job to a piece of art, even in shelter in place from COVID. It all starts with you. You will discover that in the creation lies the sense of being alive. 

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To your success as a manifestor—