My Possessions Were Devouring My Life — Mindset Shift Time

My Possessions Were Devouring My Life — Mindset Shift Time

I stood there looking at the boxes in my small apartment. As I pulled out the contents of my closets, more boxes filled with stuff. Where did all of this come from? And what was I going to do with all of it?. Some of the clothes I had not worn for several years, the foot bath detoxer, and the old tapes were no longer useful.

I needed a solution — and quick. I only had a few weeks to clear everything out of my apartment. And I was behind schedule. The pressure from inside me to hurry up and get things packed was growing everyday. The pressure from the apartment manager to hurry up and get out of the apartment was growing stronger everyday. I could feel an anxiety attack coming on.

The sorting, tossing, packing, carry the stuff to the truck and come back for more was consuming my life, my time, my mind, and my thoughts. My back was aching everyday, and the mind chatter and anxiety was piercing my confidence and well being. I screamed to relieve the pressure in my head.

I needed a mindset shift— one that would allow me to return my life to order— to a focus on what was essential for me.

Possessions  were meant to support my lifestyle, enhance my life goals, assist my life’s work, create a calm, beauty in my being, and allow a flow of emotional sustaining chi  in my home.

However, my possessions were cluttering up my apartment, eating up my energy and draining my enthusiasm for life and the lovey future I saw for myself. I needed to take action.

I mustered my courage, told myself that I really knew the information in these old lecture notes and started tossing. Yeah. Soon I was feeling a relief. I started to breathe again. I kept tossing — it was time to create space in my life for me.

It was only the first step but it was significant and necessary. Everything starts with mindset— 

even a pretty, chi friendly home.