My Patterns were Entangled with my Self Esteem

My Patterns were Entangled with my Self Esteem

Sometime life has to be re-examined. Today was my day.

“I had to move out of my apartment and I had to get rid of stuff”, my logical mind said.

“But these books and class notes have been with me for a long time, like old friends,” said my emotions.

“But you don’t have room for all of these books, notes, papers,” said my logical mind.

“I had better keep them, I may need them for future blogs or articles”, said my emotions.

“You haven’t looked at these notebooks, or books for years, the content is old, life has changed and current problems require new solutions,” replied my logical mind.

My emotions listened, agreed, smiled. It was time to release the past and accept the future.

I started thinking about why I kept the old stuff. It was to hang onto what I valued in life— which was information about business, social media, human psychology and how it functions. But now all of these area function in a different way and I have to adjust.

Now life is about perservering the chaos of COVID, riots, voter fraud, political power plays, and economic uncertainty. Survival has taken us to a new dimension of recognizing our basic needs and standing firm in our personal values with a commitment to our American way of life.

The  information we need to sustain us through this difficult challenge has changed. We must now focus on maintaining inner strength, preserving our values and contributing to a positive, happy life for everyone.

I look at my possessions now and ask “How does it make me feel? How does it strengthen my self esteem? Does it help me move forward into the calm, happy life I envisioned for myself?  That’s the only information I keep now.

We can hang onto our personal values, our democratic values and be strong individuals. And we can do it today.