Moving Through Chaos - What if?

Moving Through Chaos - What if?

I saw the cop wave me over as I driving. i froze. Was I about to get a traffic ticket? I rolled down the window and he said “Your left headlight is out.” I smiled, nodded and drove off. My emotions had analyzed the situation before my logic could come up with an answer. I had judged the situation as detrimental to me, but in reality it was beneficial for me.

Seeing is not always about being in reality. Feeling will not always give us bring us wisdom.

Our brain, and our conscious mind, is programmed to react to an object or situation before we even know what it is. This may work for avoiding car accidents, jumping out of danger if a power line is falling on us or preventing our child from being electrocuted by a wall socket.

But for relationship issues, work problems, political & social problems, pandemics and corrupt elections, this process does not work very well.

As we analyze chaotic world events, we tend to judge events based on our personal experiences, our sensory input, and our inherited ancestral programming or religious sense of right and wrong. We are using subjective, internal biases and judging events, objects, situations as good or bad  without an objective analysis of the whole situation.

According to The Epoch Times article, “8 Ways Your Perception of Reality is Skewed,” by Jill Suttie, “What we perceive in any given moment is not only determined by sensory input, but by our personal physical abilities, energy levels, feelings, social identities, etc.

This can lead to skewed, inappropriate, inaccurate diagnosis and erroneous conclusions. Let’s look at a common example, you see your husband laughing and talking to another woman at a party and assume he is having an affair. But later you find out he was just being social with a new work client.

We can carry this logical analysis to politics today. We see our President pursuing fairness in counting ballots and may think he is just a sore loser, but maybe he has another reason for exposing the corruption in an election.

Maybe he sees a more fair, unbiased way to run an election and wants us to be open minded about other options. Maybe he wants us to see the corruption in the present system in a visceral manner that points out the flaws so they can be fixed.

This is the same philosophy that our Cosmos operates under. On planet Earth we all have free will. This means we can do whatever we like, however, we have to deal with the consequences. This means when our plans go astray. we have to evaluate every situation and our response to it and look at “why” we did a certain thing and “what we were trying to achieve”. For only then, can we see the problems created by our decisions and be honest with our manifesting system.

So What If we put on our violet glasses and look at the election results and news as a public evaluation of the whole voting system. We can clear off the dining room table and bring out the information about the electoral college, voting machines, how to count mail in ballots and lay it all out and analyze it LOGICALLY.   If we put aside our preconceived conclusions, our emotional responses, our discomfort, our past experience with voting, our attitudes of right and wrong, we could arrive at a place of detached observation. We could pretend we are watching a documentary about the 2020 election. We will walk away with a new perspective, a new viewpoint and a new appreciation for the Cosmic system and our political system.

Let’s give it a try.

—- Helping others shift their mindset — I’m Amber DeAnn