Do you have that perfect life, that inspiring job, that appreciative boss?
Or do you feel you are against an invisible wall?

When we are thinking “Success,” we need to be practical as well as visionary.
We not only need to know “What” our heart’s desire is, but also our “Why.”
Then when we take the action steps to move in that direction, we find “success” a lot faster.

The “Why” we want something awakens our soul yearnings, our heart’s desire. It’s the fuel in our human engine, the drive behind our decisions, the source of our tenacity, the motivation that gets us out of bed and the coveted reward at the end of our journey.

My latest ebook, Mental Reset, is a self help, introspective, interactive, effective program for finding your “what” and your “why.” It presents techniques for uncovering your dreams, melting your self sabotage, shifting your mindset and self image and building the courage for your Create a New Life Journey.

It’s tools and a strategy to find and be YOU.

But first we need to know where you want to go.

Mental Reset ebook excerpt—

Success, in our society, seems like an endless cerebral strategy session pitting yourself against all your competitors, now and in the future in a quest for more money and more power. Really?

Beating the competition forces you to look at your shortcomings and brings up the “I can’t do that” mind chatter. It starts you thinking about your limitations. “I can’t write an app. I can’t manage 30 people. I’ll never be successful.” These thoughts will defeat you before you even get started.

They killed my dreams and goals until I shifted my focus from “beating the competition” to “what’s good for me?” Suddenly my mind soared with ideas.

Ready to see who you could really be?
Answer these questions.

If you were free from the beat the competition game, who would you be?
What would you be doing? What would lite your fire every day?

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Toward your journey,
Amber DeAnn, life coach, writer