Anxiety Tamed - Class

Lower Anxiety: Classes

Shelter in Place has brought us into our feelings.

From feeling frustrated with spending another day in quarantine, to too much work or too little work, to lack of social engagement and brain numbing daily routine. We have a lot of stress these days and need to lower anxiety.

It’s easy to lose our patience and snap at others, or feel overwhelmed. Our old way of dealing with troubling issues — “just gut it out”—is useless and counterproductive. It will actually aggravate the situation.

We need to develop a more active approach to keeping our sanity and releasing our daily stresses. We need to build resilience with a new solution.

We need a new tool for a new problem. We need an easy to use, easy to remember, innate to the body tension buster.

To lower anxiety, we need a tool that will…

  • Give us back control over our nerves, and our state of being
  • Return us to mental stability quickly
  • Help us build strong life force
  • Shift our relationship stresses
  • Boost our self-esteem and success mindset
  • Help us cope with daily and recurring frustrations

We have one! It’s inside us and has been since birth.

It’s time to get reacquainted with it and use it to break the stress patterns we continuously fall into and lower anxiety.

lower anxiety

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself is I’m possible.”
 — Audrey Hepburn

Just imagine…

being able to shake off stress or troubling world news and stay on track to accomplish your goals, find your success and happiness.

Imagine having the mindfulness and power to control your knee jerk reactions to life and stay centered in your life. It’s like moving from the darkness to the sunshine. It’s real power.

This powerful tools are self calming techniques. They are fun and easy to use and integrate with breathing and other stress reducing techniques. They will start you on the way to building the inner strength to cope with life in a deeper way.

Join me…

FREE ZOOM class we will pull back the curtain on something big and effective in the fight against stress & anxiety.

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See you on the call.
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