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Break Behavior Patterns – Shift Your Relationships  with Amber – Life Coach, Hypnotherapy, Psychic Reader, Reiki practitioner, author, speaker and awesome podcast speaker.

Remember when you overreacted to your husband’s opinion or kid’s crying, or your Mom’s belittling statement. You became defensive, argumentative, irritated and felt victimized and powerless. You wanted to just push it all aside and get back to living and having fun.

So what is the inner thinking and feeling that is keeping  you stuck in these unsatisfying patterns of behavior?

For many years I was trapped in my anger at Mom and engaged in destructive relationship patterns that caused pain for both of us. It was time to figure out a better way to relate to each other.

“Life is about breaking patterns and allowing the essence of the True You to shine forth.” Amber DeAnn

Out of that pain, I created these amazing life coaching services!

Life coach services focused on results through counseling and hypnotherapy.

Break the destructive relationship patterns, release the pain of your past, and shift your mindset and self image. This is the key to reshaping your life. My Breaking Response Patterns – Shifting Relationships service consists of the following 3 programs.

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Heal Family Relationships

Sometimes our families were not supportive, loving or safe. We can still find our strength and freedom.

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Develop Inner Game Skills

Negative emotions can be overwhelming and controlling. You can learn to master them. You can find your younger self traits too.

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Integrating Yourself

Your new Inner Game skills need to be merged with your Higher Self, your Inner Child and your life goals. You are ready to create a New You.

These life coach interactive programs will help you dissolve the emotional family wounds, and teach you inner game skills. They will enhance your self image and boost your confidence.Then we will add brain integration techniques that will move you into clear, focused, authentic self expression.

Clear self expression is an energy that you exude and that brings you inner happiness, a deep sense of self satisfaction, contentment and self fulfillment. From this energy space you can create a new you and a new world for you to play in.


My focus is to help you thrive and find your happy with my life coach services. What if happy was a mental state that you could plug into just like you plug in your coffee pot every morning and know with certainty that you will get the wonderful cup of coffee to start your day. What would being happy look like for you?

Would you be dancing in the kitchen as you make breakfast, or teaching your favorite yoga pose or painting your newest heart inspiration, or creating a business to simplify marketing. Step into this world and notice what comes up for you.


The intent of these interactive, playful programs is to find your Inner Game Skills  (creativity, courage, imagination, emotion  management…) and use them to create whatever you want. This is an easy to follow, common sense, practical system which lays the groundwork to creating anything and everything. It’s about integrating all aspects of you into a NEW YOU. My psychic readings can help.


Now you are ready for the secret sauce to manifesting. Here it is —you have to be at a certain energy vibration to manifest with the Universe. You have heard that you must be an energy match for the things you want to attract. Once you are there, you will find the Law of Synchronization works for you. I call it provoking synchronicity. If this resonates with you. Check out my programs.

Break Your Patterns – Shift Relationships

ReShape your life so you can focus on your life goals, do what you love, find your happy. It’s time to feel special and fulfilled.

My Clients Love Me


“Ambers mental reset life coach service drew me in immediately with her offer of a systematic, integrative skill-based approach to greater happiness and success. There are so many paths to self-improvement that it is easy to get paralyzed and not act on of any of them. A plan that helps us use the best and leave the rest is a true gift.”

– Rita Marie Johnson

“I found the book easy to read and understand. From the list of basic skills to cover it will be very useful to live a life authentically and achieve your hearts desires. Then, in turn, be happy and successful. I look forward to reading more.”

-Mona Angel Wells

“Amber DeAnn’s book Mental Reset is a clearly written “how to” designed to help you restart, kick start and reset your outlook through life coach services. It does this by guiding the reader in specific ways in order to gain skills to re-engage in life with enthusiasm.”

– Kyczy Hawk

“After reading your book, I started to remember my childhood. When I was young, my dad got involved with alcohol to blank out memories of World War II. When I internalized his neglect and my mother’s anger, I grew angry and neglectful toward myself. Always we are reminded to forgive. Amber’s story reminds us again. Thank you.”

– BL

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