Inner Conflict - Inner Game

Understand Inner Conflict and Game

When looking at your inner conflict, it’s important to ask… Who are you Really? Who are you and who do you want to be? Stop a minute and think about:

  • Who are you right now?
  • Who would you rather be?
  • Where would you rather be?



You are in your new environment, the world you just created. You are with the people you want in your life and your business and you are doing the things you want to do with your life. See, Feel, Be the New You. Did you find this exercise challenging or difficult? Do you feel a conflict or disconnect between who you are and who you want to be?


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Freedom is from Within Knowing Your Inner Conflict

Frank Lloyd Wright (famous American architect)

Inner conflict arises when we are not living the way our Soul wants us to live. We are here for a specific life adventure — a sort of learning experience. And when we aren’t living that experience we feel lost, confused, and an inner conflict arises within us.

We solve this by reconnecting to our body-mind-feelings-soul presence seeking self expression. We go on a journey now — like gold mining. We are searching not for gold this time, but for the essence of us.

Let’s talk about the real you – your hopes, dreams, needs, desires. Let’s learn what parts of your life are working and which ones are not. And let’s fix you by shifting your Inner Game — your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, self image, and self worth and strengthening your skills. In this session you will learn:

  • How to expand your awareness of yourself.
  • How to expand your creativity.
  • How to find your inner hidden resistance.
  • How to find your inner soul yearnings.
  • How to strengthen your stamina and expand your ability to hold energy in your body.
  • How to reconnect all of your parts.



By focusing on your Inner Game traits and boosting them, you start to reconnect to You. Confused about the Inner Game traits? Let’s look at them one by one.

What is Inner Game?

Your inner game is the combination of your thoughts, emotional intelligence, life experiences, aspirations, and dreams. It is the beautiful and restrictive parts of you. These parts, when cleaned out and synched, will shift you into success in any venture you chose. Yes, I said synchronized. Inner game attitudes are the mind-body-spirit-emotions-thoughts-mindset-self image connection. And they have to work together to benefit you and move you forward in a positive way.

Your mind is the culmination of your




Self Image,

and Mindset.


Your thoughts are your own ideas about yourself and your place in the world, your life philosophy, heart beliefs, cognitive work product, and your creativity. Or they are the thoughts of your ancestors, and their ancestors recycled and recycled and usually not relevant to your life. You know the thoughts— women are meant to get married and have kids, engineering jobs are for men, etc

For instance, if you are an artist you may believe that the world needs color, texture, variety, and new color and pattern combinations to spark us back into aliveness. You believe that life is amazing and a new adventure and we should live it with the fervor of children. But your parents may believe that everyone needs a day job — an 8-5 established routine with a steady paycheck that gives your life order, predictability, conformity.


Self Image

Your self image is who you think you are. It is what you see as the reality of you right now. You could be sick, underemployed and behind paying your bills or you could be a successful engineer, web designer, or author with lots of customers, fans and money in the bank. Here your aspirations often conflict with reality. Maybe you are studying engineering when your inner knowingness tells you to be a med student.

This self image is also a concept of who you could be, want to be, or need to be to fulfill your destiny. Maybe you feel you don’t want to make a lot of money and live the American dream but rather expand your spiritual potential.

Inner conflict and game


Your beliefs can be your own beliefs about yourself ie I always bounce back, I’m charismatic, I’m self reliant. Or your beliefs could be the negative talk you accepted as a child from your parents, guardians, teachers, peers, etc which said you were not good enough, were not smart enough, a slow learner or not focused.



Your impressions are the ideas you created from your life experiences. They can support your childhood beliefs or they can contradict those beliefs. They arise when you enter a new experience and get to evaluate it without any preconceived beliefs or opinions. For instance, your impression of life could be “Life is exciting and I want to experience all of it” or “Life is dull, endless array of boring repetitive chores.”

For instance, I visited Europe on an educational tour many years ago while still a college student and loved every minute of it-new sounds, new people to meet, new foods, new sights, new historic buildings to tour. I was on fire with excitement and into the sense of adventure for the entire month. However, some other  college students on the trip were bored and homesick. Life in Europe wasn’t like life in America.



Your mindset is the energetic mental you. It is the  combination of your thoughts, beliefs, and self image. You could have a mindset that your life is hopeless or just beginning to blossom. Based on your mindset, you make decisions about your life like “I want to be a fulfilled person” or “I’m scared of change so I had better stay right here.”

Listening to your mindset will either inspire or defeat you because it will either motivate you to action or resign yourself to inaction.

You Can Be the Person You Want to Be.

You can hold the belief that I am independent, strong willed, smart, assertive. Or you can hold the belief that you are stupid, lazy, incompetent and not good enough. Which belief would you rather hold onto? Which one will bring you better results in life?

The News on Inner Game

The Bad News

Conflicts between who you think you are and who you want to be will cause serious challenges in your life. They can cause illness including cancer. They can ruin your relationships, and stunt or derail your career. And they can be so subtle and hidden that you will not even know they are there until one day your life pops open in a more undesirable way.


The Good News

As you review these concepts, you were thinking about your own life, weren’t you?

You were asking yourself:

  • What are my thoughts?
  • What are my beliefs about me?
  • What impressions of life and my place in it do I hold onto?
  • Do I have a positive self image?
  • What is my mindset?

Good. Did you get answers? Are you comfortable with your answers and your life?


The Very Good News

These conflicts can be overcome and melt away with a little persistence, some tools and a system. All of these mindsets and self images are held in place with your emotions. Join me in exploring specific emotions and the messages that bring to us on the next pages.

As a life coach, I just love helping people shift into a more powerful version of themselves, find their power and their happy and take it out into the world. Then you get to walk in the sunshine of a New You and accomplish your dreams.

Testimonials on Our Inner Game & Conflict Session

“During our session, I was ready to conquer my problem. My intuition was affirmed when my mother appeared and said she had a mental imbalance. For years I had pain and a nervous condition in my stomach when talking about personal matters. This disappeared after our first session. I recognized the trigger and removed it. Now I can regain control of myself immediately.” – Barb K.
“Amber is amazing! I’m feeling lighter and brighter.  A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I thank you for making me feel alive again.  I was stuck.” – Niki Taylor

“Today I had a wonderful visit with my daughter. She had been critical of me, saying very harsh words. But now she is trying to help me. It made me cry. I am unusually relaxed, the pain in my arms is much lower. I’m feeling more normal now. Thanks for the session.” – Paula W.

“I have been fired up about my family drama for about a year now. I used to get a knot in my stomach and outright rage. But since our session, I can now read an email from my mom or my sister and have no physical sensation at all. The stress is just gone. Thanks, amber”  — Teddi J

“I just wanted to let you know how great the workshop was. My issue was feeling stuck and unable to move forward  I received an am still receiving many insights. My favorite part was tuning in and letting my body speak. One of the answers I received was that I needed to “crow.” I love it.”  — Debbie P.

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Amber DeAnn