I Want to Be Free and Happy Club

Let’s Find Your Freedom and Happiness

Years ago I needed a new life, I needed to find my real identity, move into my skills and manifest what would make me happy and feel successful. I needed harmony between my mind, my emotions, and my spirit.

The Abraham Hick teachings were inspiring. I loved the idea of connecting and working with the Universe to manifest. But then I learned that  applying these teachings required that I get ready – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually— to do my share of the work.

I had to work with the Universe. It takes some energy to get into the high flying energy field of manifesting and stay there. And it takes some tools, some discipline and support to use the Universal energy field and manifest your desires.

I want to help others learn these tools and find this support. When we all feel and act powerful, moving from our heart based feelings & intuition, using our skills and speaking our truth we are FREE and HAPPY.

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I’ll share my knowledge, my life experiences. You can share your questions and concerns and I’ll try to answer them. You can share your experiences, ah-ha moments and manifestations. We will both grow and prosper.

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Life is No Longer  Struggle. How About You?

As I grew into the Real me, my business, Coaching by Amber, flourished into something beyond my dreams.   I am at a point right now in my life where life is no longer a struggle to find me.  I just focus on expressing me. That makes me happy.

That is my goal for my clients– I want them to what makes  them happy, and stop fighting themselves.  Then they can make their request to the Universe and start seeing a positive change in their lives.

I perform a wide range of services throughout the San Jose Area that can benefit achieving a healthy life!

Mastering Your Emotions

  • 4 Weeks-2 Hour Sessions
  • Pulling out of Anger
  • Pulling out of Fear
  • Pulling out of Depression

Healing Family Relations

  • 4 Week Program
  • Breaking Free From Mom/Dad
  • Healing Mom-Daughter/Son Relationships for Mom

Discovering Yourself

  • 4 Week -2 Hour Sessions
  • Finding the Real you & Revealing it
  • Redefining Success- The Personal Approach