Professional Hypnotherapist: San Jose, CA

Amber is a Professional Hypnotherapist in San Jose

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

by Oprah Winfrey


What happens when you say “Enough! I’m not taking this anymore.”  You start to really look at yourself — my skills, strengths, weaknesses, life objectives, emotional expression, self-worth. Then you open your eyes to the dichotomy of who you pretend to be in the world and who you want to be to you. You are essentially asking to see your true self.

Amber’s life with dysfunctional parents had shaped and created her life. It gave her PTSD, depression, anger, and fear. It shut down her self-esteem, blocked access to her personal identity. Her avenue of escape had been to go to school and get good grades, then move into a socially acceptable good job—one that her parents and society would approve of.  One problem.  It wasn’t her. Sure, the BA in Business Administration and the JD in law looked good on a resume and showed the world that she had some perseverance and commitment, but it didn’t feel right.

Here was her incentive to clear her past,  discover her emotional triggers that were running her life, find her skills, true character and overcome her PTSD, depression, anger, fear and physical health issues. So, she jumped into the healing arts and became a massage therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, spiritualist and intuitive energetic healer.  It was time to heal herself. Once her intuition reconnected to her emotional intelligence, her chaotic life shifted and harmony with the universe appeared. Now she could move forward in a more confident manner, with her inner self, by showing her exciting new worlds to conquer.

Understanding herself allowed her to understand others. It gave her empathy and sympathy for their life choices and deep needs. It opened her curiosity to ancient healing techniques and the power of Universal energy. It gave her the incentive to become a life coach and write about her experiences in Release Your Magical Child and Mental Reset.

Self-actualization was really her goal. It’s really everyone’s goal.


I help people find their inner harmony by providing a variety of different
programs & services to help you take back the control in your life.

About Coaching By Amber – An Amazing Hypnotherapist

Getting married, having a family, kids, a big house with a big mortgage may not be right for you, even though others are doing it. What is right for you?

That is Taking Back Your Power. It is you deciding what is right for you.

And here is the kicker.  You knew it when you were born. You knew what you wanted to be, what you liked, what was fun and what was not. You knew how to connect to Universal wisdom and float in the ethers of peace, wisdom, and get information for yourself. I will help you get back to that clarity. Through my structured, practical, interactive program we achieve these results and more. Many techniques come together here to restore you to Your Power. I help you redefine Who You Are.

Being a life coach, my goal is to help you solve problems, create a smoother, happier, healthier life. This involves moving out the thoughts, beliefs, mental programs, shame, guilt, fear, anger, self-sabotage and all other interferences to you reaching your goals.

This coaching program encompasses self-help books, webinars, group coaching, one on one hypnotherapy/coaching sessions, Chi Gong, Reiki, essential oils, introspection exercises, and lots of fun—imaginary play. If you need some additional help in difficult life situations, I can contact Archangel Michael and get you some clarity. It really works.

I believe life is about experiencing all possibilities of who you could be and exploring it. You will be able to live out a part of yourself that you have hidden from yourself by becoming an adult. A part of you that wants to experience your greatest vision of who you are, receive insight on why you are here and express your journey of this adventure called life.  This is personal empowerment at its best. This is how to be empowered, fulfilled and live in an authentic way. And along the way, You Create Your Success.

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

“It’s a great process to shift energy between us ) my son) I feel lighter. It’s like Magic.” – Heather 

“After my second session with  Amber, my head buzzed with new energy.  I slept for about 12 hours that night and I felt refreshed later and felt like the only thing that was left was my energetic stuff, no one else’s. Amazing.” – Ruth 

“This was wonderful experience. IT’s a good way to contact my son. Im shifting my relationship with son.” – Kristin 

“It was great. It helped shift things . It gave me insights into my son. I got clearer about my intentions with son and it was comforting.” – Cathy