Heal Family Relationships

Heal Family Relationships


“I have to get away from my Mom, she is so angry and always yelling at me when I was a child” I remember saying to my college friend.

To thwart Mom’s anger I become angry, short tempered, and defensive. My thoughts were always on what I wanted and how was I going to get it. When Mom objected, I resisted and the battle of wills was on.

If we were guests at some friends house and I accepted another helping of food from the host, Mom kicked me under the table. If I said she was nasty for being so controlling, I was beaten.

I would turn up the radio so I could playfully merge with the music while cooking for Mom, but she would turn it down. I would turn it up and this battle went on and on until she finally in an angry fit, turned it off.

I wanted time to read a book, draw pictures, paint a picture, and watch a child’s TV show. I remember asserting my right to read the book, To Whom the Bell Tolls, and reading it slow so I could step into the book and the characters. She constantly demanded I help with the dishes, the laundry, cooking, and gardening. Another argument ensued.

We would argue over everything and everyone. We were stuck in a pattern of fight, fight, fight for what we each wanted- both of us intent on winning the daily power struggle.

By my mid 20’s my body was full of pain. I had mercury poisoning, digestive issues, scoliosis and an anger addiction and a numb brain.  This was not the life I wanted. I had to fix this.

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Time to Look at Me

So after putting thousands of miles between us, I started looking at me. I saw the anger seething below the numbness, the inability to feel any kindness toward her, the inability to trust people, the lack of love for myself and the protective emotional shell I had built up around me. This was not how I wanted to live. So I went on a journey to find me.

I studied psychology, human behavior, trauma, PTSD and early childhood education. I journaled and journaled, cried, screamed and then repeated the process.

During a long strenuous journaling exercise I discovered that people strive to meet their basic psychological needs. Mom and I had the same unmet basic psychological needs. When I stepped into her world, I felt her pain and her unmet needs, my attitude toward her shifted. Now my anger and fear of her subsided. I even started to feel sympathy for her.

My inner spirit and the process of hypnotherapy had worked their magic.

The ice of our relationship broke. We were both set free.

Breaking that mindset shifted our relationship. Then we were able to communicate, to really share our life problems, our thoughts, our worries. It was totally refreshing to see Mom as a real person and not a monster.

As we grew into being real people, we started to set appropriate new boundaries which helped us to create the life we needed.

“Your journey is your gift to others.” — Wendy Gayle, psychic

Deep Clearing Workshops

I created a workshop for parents who needed to be free from the unloving relationships with their adult children. It worked. My techniques pierced the layers of blackness, isolation, anger and melted the customary, denigrating feelings of both parents and adult children.  It opened the doors of heart and spirit based communication and released the anguish each person was holding onto. It was a magical, spontaneous energetic healing of only two hours.


Their comments…

“This was a wonderful experience. I’m shifting my relationship with my son.” — Kristin

“It’s like “magic.” I shifted my relationship with my son.” — Heather

“When i was sick, my son asked me if he could get my anything. And we actually talked without screaming at each other. Thanks Amber for the great workshop.” — Aida

Just by working with the parents, the adult children were healed even though they were not even present at the workshop. We are all wrapped in an energetic web of hate and anger and love and understanding. We can  chose the one we want.  That choice will shift our lives.

One on One Hypnotherapy Sessions

In the one on one hypnotherapy family energy clearing sessions, my clients  have received an even more profound feeling. They have felt deep relief.


Their comments…

“What a relief to be free from that energy!”

“What a trip to feel the energy moving through my body!”

“I could feel you pull out that energy cord. It made a popping sound.”

“They act like a bear coming out of hibernation, exuberant about being free and ready to jump into life again.”


“You can’t find peace, until you find all the pieces.” — Oprah




One of the best resources to analyze and shift your life is writing your story.  Here’s mine—

Release Your Magical Child. It’s the story of an adult who can’t feel and now is plagued with nightmares which are ruining her sanity and her job.

It’s written to demonstrate the power of listening to your feelings, and your Higher Self and  following your intuition so you can recreate your life in a more fulfilling way.

It will help you dive into the feelings, challenges and the blissful moments of your life. It will show you the pearl of who you are really are and give you steps in how to get back there.

Happy self discovery!

Heal Family Relationships with Release Your Magical Child, The Book

My paperback book, Release Your Magical Child, is my journey through PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, to find my inner peace. And it is a journey to find myself, my Inner Child and my spiritual connection. Written as a novel, it allows the reader to step in and walk with me through the mental challenges, and inner life discoveries and raise the awareness and consciousness of their lives.

This story will strengthen your willpower, open your heart and soothe your emotions. It also shows you how to take back your emotional intelligence and get reacquainted with your Spirit. You will get a chance to feel the abundant love of the Archangels and their attempts to help us thrive. By opening your heart, you will feel the presence of Spirit.

As you read my challenges, and remember your own, you may decide to make a decision to free yourself. Great. I’ve written some workbooks that will help. A little time and energy with these exercises will break your protective shell and set you free.


release your magical child

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be” — Marianne Williamson

If you would like a private session to heal family relationships, please contact me through my contact page. We will set up a discovery session.


Another great Resource is journaling and drawing your feelings. Feelings are like a box of ice cream. It may be hard to scoop out but it’s so satisfying when the smooth, chocolate taste tantalizes your taste buds.

Feelings show us what we love about the world and what doesn’t serve us. Feelings have messages about our lives and choices and this information can help us reframe our lives.

My Facebook group— Transform our childhood experiences, trauma and anxiety.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/558471257697573/ offers a space for expressing yourself.

We will be having writing and drawing workshops to help you get into the self expression mindset.