Getting Free: Finding my Needs

Getting Free: Finding my Needs

Getting Free: Finding my needs

I was shoulder deep in boxes, packing and moving, when I hear my inner voice say, “I’ve had enough of this.” The rest of me agreed.

I’m ReShaping my life this year. It’s time for the Real Me to come out. 

I discovered my lifestyle, my self image, and my activities needed a remodel. A new me needed to be birthed. 

Of course, that means doing some self analysis— like how to identify my own needs and meet them. 

We all are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or are we?

Most of us have met our physiological needs, and safety needs. Many of us are still trying to meet our love and belonging needs. You probably have your own strategy for finding love or are developing one. 

But how are your Esteem needs? Did you know that filling your self esteem needs will lead to finding better quality love in your life. Think about the people in your community who date any one who asks them out. 

Are they complaining the next day about how rudely they were treated. 

Then think about the people you know who set standards for the people they want to date. And enforce them. No spiritual background, no experience meditating— not good enough. 

Think again about your Esteem needs! Look at the Esteem box in the chart below. Have you ever really thought about these qualities. What do they mean to you?  What does respect look like to you? List how you want to be respected. 

Have you sat down and listed the yearnings of your heart— happiness, self worth, community, acceptance, feeling of belonging, respect, self-esteem…

Which ones do you need now? Maybe, it’s more respect from work colleagues or your boss, or acceptance from your neighbors or meetup participants? or Maybe it’s something else. Focus on it. 

Close your eyes and feel. Allow yourself to see the pics of times in your life when you were not respected by family, friends or work colleagues. Just feel it. 

Now allow yourself to see the pics of times in your life when you were respected, complimented, praised, applauded. How does that feel?

Which set of pics are running your life?

Which ones do you want to run your life?

What would it feel like to be in the positive, hi vibing state?

Ah. Bliss. 

Any questions?