Free Your Self Image

Free Your Self Image

Would you like some freedom from yourself? From your naggy mind chatter and incessant yearning to create, and actually get to play and design something.

I did too. I love being in that “high” flying state where the flow of images, words and feelings carries me into the  zone— the Cosmic connection of unlimited possibilities. The zone of all information and fun.


Breaking Free From You

I want to use the info gathered from my “high power” state to  help you get into yours. The higher the energy, the better the result. The more fun too.

That is my goal in my interactive, self help ebook, ReShaping Success: What Do You Want. 

I want to reconnect people to their dreams, and their yearnings and teach them some tools to help them get what they want.  

Remember your dreams from your youth. You were going to be a _______-

and do _________.

You still can.

Just drop the doubt, worry, self criticism, and self sabotage.

Drop the identity you created to fit into the world, to survive.

Drop the “I feel lost and don’t know what to do” thought.

Drop the “I’m stuck” attitude,

Get ready for something new.  Let’s look at THRIVING. 

When you are playing your favorite game, how do you feel?

When you are playing your favorite sport, how do you act?

When you are dressed to impress, how do you carry yourself?

You got it. We just need to tweak it so you can achieve more of the bigger goals  in your life.

As a coach I love facilitating the deep release of people’s “stuck energy.” Once they reconnect to themselves, their dreams, and their personalities again, they “pop” back to life. Now they have access to their emotions, intuition and life direction.

When people are on fire with their ideas, focused on their goals, proud of their accomplishments, and living for the future, they exude personal power, excitement, and self confidence. They reach their goals. They use their skills. They are creative.

Then the “magic” happens. They start to attract people who can help them move even higher up the ladder toward their goals. They attract the right classes, books, mentoring, social events, etc.

You feel blessed to be with them and learn from them and share in their activities. You feel “alive.” And you are.

Do you know why?

You have raised your energy to match that of the Universe and now they can help you— it’s called the

The journey into this amazing field of energy varies with everyone.

I can share with you my process of getting into the zone as I finish the production of my ebook and get it out into the world. I will start writing these blog posts soon. It was such a happy time with a few challenges along the way, of course. How do you get over these? I’ll share my process.

In the meantime, read about me and my classes here on my website.

Then pop over to the funding campaign I am doing to raise money and support for the ebook.

Maybe you know some ways to help me promote it or you can support me. I will love you forever and you get rewards.

Drop me some feedback. We can get acquainted, share information, emotionally support each other and learn and grow along the way.

Any questions, or comments, drop me a line in the comment section below.

I’ll be waiting to talk to you.

Amber DeAnn

@InnerCoachAmber  all over the net.