Finding My Life Mission Opened my Life

Finding My Life Mission Opened my Life

My view through the windshield was disgusting. Bumper to bumper traffic. Cars inching along, shifting lanes, pushing to get ahead of another car, to get home. I felt like a brick on a conveyor belt-moving into the frustration and boredom energy that was bubbling up on the freeway.

“What kind of life is this?” I asked myself.

I want something different- something that would spark my life, excite my soul, wake up my brain. I started to think. “What if my life was different? What could it look like? What would it be? What is possible for me?”

I needed to know who I was and what would bring me joy. At home I sat before my alter, gazing expectantly at my picture of Archangel Michael, waiting for his words of wisdom.


Archangel Michael

I remembered “thoughts are things.” So I waited for one –  a thought, a vision, an image of something that would tingle my energy, spark my memory or consciousness.

I asked the Universe to show me an image of something I could and would love to do. I breathed, waited. Let my mind go blank, content in the blackness of peace.

An image popped into my brain. I was speaking, teaching before a group. I was sharing my spiritual ideas and life truth to an attentive, enraptured, large audience.

I woke up startled, still seeing distinctly the faces in the audience, listened to the words coming out of my mouth. I was alive. And it felt so good. I blinked and the image started to fade, but the sense of power and me-ness stayed with me.

How simple and clear. I was to be a spiritual teacher sharing/helping/healing/uplifting others. I smiled. There was my mission. Asking for help, allowing, staying open and calm had turned my wish into a specific, tangible profession.

But as I looked at my small, uninspired Facebook friends list, and thought about the few close relationships I had, I started to doubt the vision. This can’t be true. This was ridiculous! How was I going to be that person? I had no resources to get me to that position. I fell into depression. I listened to Abraham Hicks tapes, over and over…..

One day in desperation, I returned to the meditation mat, determined to focus on the spiritual teacher image from the Universe. It popped into my head and easily stayed for 19 seconds, then another 19 seconds,….. It felt good- both the peaceful, powerful feeling in my body and the reassurance of having a tangible, specific future. Yeah. I smiled and let myself drift into the energy of the vision.

Then weeks later, I started to get thoughts. Thoughts of actions I could be taking. I listened, and moved into action. I was on my way. Life was no longer a struggle, just a smooth shift into something new and adventuresome.

— by Amber DeAnn