Expressing Your Character-  Authentically

Expressing Your Character- Authentically

We all have character.

What is character?

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Character is your unique combination of personality & mindset.

It is the mental and ethical traits of an individual.

It is the something that makes you different from everyone else.

It makes you memorable, It makes you stand out from the crowd or not.

It is the epitome of your personal development right now.

It is your unique life philosophy  and you bring it to everything you do.

As a person it leads you to your friends or affiliates.

As an employee it makes or breaks your career.

As a screenwriter or book author it colors every sentence you write. For it is the lens through which you see the world.

As an actor it sets you up either to flow with the world or resist it. It becomes the film personality that makes you attractive to the world or not. It makes you someone people want to be around you or not.

Have you thought about your character?

I can hear your head shaking— NO.

That’s ok. I didn’t either until I started acting classes, then everything about me shifted.

In acting class I discovered that who I was to the world and in the world was NOT me.

The real me was buried under years of doing what was proper behavior in this society. I did what would keep me out of trouble, keep me in employed, keep me in a car, in an apartment. You get the idea. I moved through life in a state of numbness, emotionally unavailable.

No wonder I was unhappy in my life, I was unhappy at my core.  I wasn’t really me.

When I started acting class, I started to see the disconnect within me. A big part of me wanted to be spontaneous, adventuresome. It wanted to be a witty writer, a world traveler, a comic, really alive, taking in every moment of life as if it were a new adventure.

But my life experiences were entirely different. They were of survival, not the thriving I was craving. I felt like a robot. Not real and alive at all.

My soul was screaming for freedom from this bondage. The conflict was tearing me apart.

Then I had an ah-ha moment. The boringness of my life could be turned into comedy. The dullness of everyday existence was my impetus to search for the real meaning of life and led to the career path I now love. And the numbness could be extinguished with a few conscious shifts in my thinking which changed my outlook on life.

The expressive, emotional, Real Me stepped out.

I was so happy. Yeah. Now I could be authentic. People started to notice me. I opened up in acting class. I was able to express myself. I made people laugh. Yeah. That was the real me.

Now I’m ready to take My ideas to the big screen through my screenwriting, maybe do some acting.

So it can be for you.

Here is a brain teaser. Which of the personalities on this page do you want to be or not be? Study them carefully. Do you see yourself or a part of yourself in these people?

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