Digging for Success? Some tips by Amber DeAnn

Digging for Success? Some tips by Amber DeAnn

Digging for Success? Some tips by Amber DeAnn

Your success tips are all around you.
Did you ever sit down in school and  write an essay on “My success will look like”?
Probably not.

You are busy memorizing the achievements of others — the SUCCESSFUL.


Let’s look at what our community calls success. In the Bay area it’s obviously big homes, electric cars and a social media job. Money is king here.

The super achievers want to be seen &  heard and be part of this action so they create a startup. Is that really their passion or a way to get into the entrepreneurial club of Silicon Valley? It could be a path to popularity and community, but will it feed their soul yearning. Maybe not.



Here’s the secret no one talks about. All the famous successful people at one time had to sit down and decide what they wanted to do with their lives. They knew they were not meant to flip hamburgers or deliver newspapers or work in coal mines. They yearned for something bigger — something that would soothe their restless soul, bring out their creativity and put the spotlight on them. Yes, They had to discover their calling — their version of success. And so do YOU.

Dr. Oz wanted to be more than a surgeon, Oprah wanted to be more than a radio co anchor, Freddie Mercury wanted to be more than a book illustrator.

I wanted to be more than a massage therapist. And you want to be more than you are now.

Deep inside you know who you are— you just don’t honor it and listen. But you could. The answer lies in the hunches, urges, yearnings. These are you success tips. Tips that show you the path to success in your life.


My new ebook, Mental Reset, provides some guidance to help you flesh out your life direction. It provides exercises that help you focus on your Inner You.

It shows you how to:

*Recognize and feel the urges in your life.

*Reconnect to the fun things in your early life.

*Feel into your  life objective

*Bravely step out and follow your hunches

*Follow where they lead.

Why is this important?

Have  you ever tried to impress someone with an activity that you have not mastered? It failed, didn’t it.

I’m talking about success— success that will bring an inner joy beyond your wildest expectations, a sense of manifesting who you are in the world in a new way, a connection with the greatest, most reliable Source of information and love in the world.

It the Success of your attunement.

 Attunement to who You Are.

Life Coach,

Amber DeAnn, Coachingbyamber.com