Dealing With Life Struggle - A Poem

Dealing With Life Struggle - A Poem

My creative side has been nagging me to write — it wanted to write a poem. Here it is. It teaches as well as clears and connects with the soul.

I sit,

trying to be physically and mentally still.

The world’s noise and chaos assault me like a Samurai warrior—big, bold, strong, relentless, persecuting.

I must cope or be trampled.

I begin my journey to find strength.

I inhale,

hold my breath to retreat into the invisible,

exhale to feel my fears and doubts retreat,

inhale, hold,

again dipping into the vast invisible for a new cup of courage,

I sit still,

relax into the strong powerful peace.

feel new strength, feel the tingling energy flow.

The Universe and I have found each other — if only for a few seconds.

It is enough.

I can now do everything.