Stuck in your job or can’t find a job you really love? 

How do you decide what you want to do as a career? 


Solution: Reconnect to your inner guide. 

Your inner guide holds the architectural plan for your life. 

But it only communicates to you if you ask, and to do that you have to get calm, 

trust it, and move to a frequency it is broadcasting on.

An excerpt from my upcoming ebook, Mental Reset, will clarify this process. 


Your Creative Ability

We are all born with a creative ability, an imagination and an urge to play. 


Your playful imagination leads you into creativity – the world of art, dance, music, theatre, and poetry. Creativity deepens your focus, transports you to an inner world of sensations, beauty, and instincts. It spurs sharper articulation in your writing and your speech. It brings you back to your core as a happy, alive person. 


Creativity wants you to come out and play. You just have to accept it and connect to its power. Then watch your creations come alive. 


It is the power behind the new life you are seeking. It is the power behind success. 


You already have your inner resources for success. They are your thoughts, feelings, attitude, courage, basic skills, passions, commitment, will power, self-control, intuition, and discipline. They are your strong, reliable allies. Now add the driving force of playfulness and watch yourself fly toward your goals.”


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Find your creative play or imagine it and jump it. 


To your bright, beautiful new life 

Amber DeAnn,  #innerGameAmber 

life coach, therapist, writer. 

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