Breaking Free from Your Past

Break Free from Your Past Experiences

Truth Time– for Parents
When you were young, did you do everything your parents wanted you to do? No. You probably did not. And you survived and prospered and made your way in the world just fine. And they will too.

Most young adults have clear life goals, a deep yearning to be themselves, tons of resilience, adaptability and drive. They are ready to make something happen in their lives. That’s wonderful, ambitious, gutsy, and necessary. Let it be.

If their behaviors are leading them into trouble with the law or drugs. Then you have to take action, but they may not listen. So you may have to let them make their own decisions and learn from them even if it’s a hard lesson.

Here’s the bottom line. You were the best mother you knew how to be. Now give yourself a break. You taught them your best values, and life experience, but now they are over 18 and on their own. Set them free and set yourself free.

  • What activities would you like to do that you put off so you could raise your children?
  • Where would you like to go?
  • Who would you like to meet?

Now you can do them! You can be you and they can be them. You need to be free of them as much as they need to be free of you. Now is a good time to free both of you.

Online or In Person Session

Breaking Free From Your Past is Powerful

From a few sessions you will achieve —
*Beginning of authentic, open conversation with child, or child’s spouse or loved one.
*Warm fuzzies from letting your heart open and just be present.
*A different point of view.
*Understanding of the power of silence, and acceptance.
*Less physical and emotional pain in your body.

Here’s the approach I have been using with my clients.


You just can’t control your adult child.  It will just raise your frustration level.

 “Only you and you alone can change your situation. Don’t blame it on anything or anyone.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

Ready to find an answer?


Isn’t surrender giving up, realizing we have failed, admitting to humiliation, hanging our head in dismay, feeling low and powerless? No.

Isn’t surrender relinquishing all control over a person because we have failed. No.

It is actually the  opposite — it is realizing that your efforts are not producing the desired result, and your time and energy are not well spent. And the struggle is making you feel drained, frustrated, disappointed, and defeated.

“But I have to solve this problem”, you say. So let frustration and exhaustion help you.


Here’s HOW it works.

Pull all of your energy out of the situation and get calm. That’s right. It’s the ticket to freedom for you and your children.


Here’s WHY it works.

If you stay calm, you enter into a neutral attitude to the situation or problem, you give your mind freedom to tap directly into the universal wisdom bank or your intuition. This universal wisdom will answer your questions by giving you a picture, or a feeling, of something or someone you need to contact. You could be led to  read a certain book, go and meet a certain person or attend a certain event. This is the Science of Synchronicity. Now notice what happens. Here is the answer you are  seeking. The universe will also talk to you through hunches, instincts, knowing or thoughts. This is your spiritual guidance. Your intuition – your knight in shining armor —will  save you. Let it help you.

How do you know this is the true, accurate information for you?

  • When your  heart  jumps at the possibility of a new solution, you have found your answer.
  • When you feel the excitement of “yeah!” coursing through your veins, you have found your answer.
  • When you feel extremely happy, you have found your answer

By constantly focusing on controlling another person, you will notice  body aches and pains and stress issues that screamed for attention. They are messengers that you need to fix this.


WHAT to do?

Stop, do nothing, ask the universe to provide you with an alternative solution.


“Your journey is your gift to others.” — Wendy Gayle, psychic

When I had an issue with another person, I noticed an urge to hear a speaker discuss vibrational healing. I booked an appointment with her and received the best healing I have ever had. All from just listening to Spirit. How often do you surrender and let your intuition solve the problem for you? Constantly. Try it — Using your intuition is free and effective.

I had a client who was a mother and unable to talk to her daughter without getting into a big argument. She released her judgments and beliefs about her daughter and their relationship shifted quickly. Another man had a problem with his sister. He worked through his beliefs, even drawing how he felt and soon that relationship was healed. It works.

Need some help? This program is waiting for you. Find yourself again and live your NEW LIFE.

Contact me and let’s talk about how to break free from your past experiences.

Amber DeAnn