Did you find happiness with flowers from your beloved at Valentines Day? Did you boss give you that promotion you wanted? Are your kids getting good grades? What are your standards for happiness? Whatever they are, they come from a belief that you have probably acquired from your family or society? Richard Treadgold, the author of Karma Covered Candy, explains “that each belief we have is attached to a picture of what we think will

Listen to Your Own Truth

As Allan Hardman says in his article, On Telling Ourselves the Truth, “Have you ever thought about how much we lie to ourselves. Think about it! How many times do you talk yourself out of what you’re feeling because your truth might hurt somebody else?” “We are well programmed from our childhood “domestication” to lie to ourselves. And to each other. …It is more like we fool ourselves. Don’t pretend to like some people more

SURRENDER: Necessity Or Defeat

birds flying out of cage with sunset

Let’s talk about surrender? Why would you want to surrender? Isn’t surrender giving up, realizing we have failed, admitting to humiliation, hanging our head in dismay, feeling low and powerless? That’s what society thinks it is. Surrender can be thought of as relinquishing all rights to an event or object, as a failure.  Or is it? It is actually the opposite — it is realizing that your efforts are not producing the desired result, and

your subconscious knows the truth title

Do you lie to yourself? or Are you ignoring looking at the truth because it is too painful? We have all been there. It’s called the socialization part of you meets your rational mind and together they try to figure out WHY this thing is happening to you. The socialization part says “hide”—“Hide your feelings, Hide your thoughts, Hide your tears. In public smile and act as if everything is perfect.” Your rational mind says,  “I’m In

My creative side has been nagging me to write — it wanted to write a poem. Here it is. It teaches as well as clears and connects with the soul. I sit, trying to be physically and mentally still. The world’s noise and chaos assault me like a Samurai warrior—big, bold, strong, relentless, persecuting. I must cope or be trampled. I begin my journey to find strength. I inhale, hold my breath to retreat into the invisible,