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Digging for Success? Some tips by Amber DeAnn Your success tips are all around you. Did you ever sit down in school and  write an essay on “My success will look like”? Probably not. You are busy memorizing the achievements of others — the SUCCESSFUL. GETTING SIDETRACKED  Let’s look at what our community calls success. In the Bay area it’s obviously big homes, electric cars and a social media job. Money is king here. The

How to Shift Out of an Angry Mood

HOW TO BREAK THROUGH AN ANGRY MOOD BY Amber DeAnn Did someone cut you off in traffic?  Did someone else get your promotion?   Did your girlfriend or boyfriend dump you? And you are angry? Ok, I got it. Now what are some options to deal with it effectively. 1. State  your emotions. Say out loud. “This situation makes me angry.” It’s important to validate your feelings because it honors you. It also puts your


Stuck in your job or can’t find a job you really love?  How do you decide what you want to do as a career?    Solution: Reconnect to your inner guide.  Your inner guide holds the architectural plan for your life.  But it only communicates to you if you ask, and to do that you have to get calm,  trust it, and move to a frequency it is broadcasting on. An excerpt from my upcoming

Do you have that perfect life, that inspiring job, that appreciative boss? Or do you feel you are against an invisible wall? When we are thinking “Success,” we need to be practical as well as visionary. We not only need to know “What” our heart’s desire is, but also our “Why.” Then when we take the action steps to move in that direction, we find “success” a lot faster. The “Why” we want something awakens

Same morning routine with coffee and cereal? Same Commuter train? Same destination? Same job, same work procedure — same old, same old. Exhale, inhale, exhale. Is there something else besides this habit, this routine? YES. Shifting habits mean shifting mindset. It all starts with intention. Do you want something different? Yes? Do you want to feel alive and more you? You can perk up your day — once you spark up your brain. You can

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My view through the windshield was disgusting. Bumper to bumper traffic. Cars inching along, shifting lanes, pushing to get ahead of another car, to get home. I felt like a brick on a conveyor belt-moving into the frustration and boredom energy that was bubbling up on the freeway. “What kind of life is this?” I asked myself. I want something different- something that would spark my life, excite my soul, wake up my brain. I

Getting Free: Finding my Needs

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Getting Free: Finding my needs I was shoulder deep in boxes, packing and moving, when I hear my inner voice say, “I’ve had enough of this.” The rest of me agreed. I’m ReShaping my life this year. It’s time for the Real Me to come out.  I discovered my lifestyle, my self image, and my activities needed a remodel. A new me needed to be birthed.  Of course, that means doing some self analysis— like

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We all have character. What is character? Character is your unique combination of personality & mindset. It is the mental and ethical traits of an individual. It is the something that makes you different from everyone else. It makes you memorable, It makes you stand out from the crowd or not. It is the epitome of your personal development right now. It is your unique life philosophy  and you bring it to everything you do.

Would you like some freedom from yourself? From your naggy mind chatter that keeps on pushing you to accomplish more and more, never letting your stop, and breathe.The voice that seems to beat on you all the time, forcing you to strive, and struggle to get ahead until you want to scream at it.   Breaking Free From You Or maybe part of you is bored and really wants something different. You feel the urge,

Free Your Self Image

Would you like some freedom from yourself? From your naggy mind chatter and incessant yearning to create, and actually get to play and design something. I did too. I love being in that “high” flying state where the flow of images, words and feelings carries me into the  zone— the Cosmic connection of unlimited possibilities. The zone of all information and fun.   Breaking Free From You I want to use the info gathered from