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Sometime life has to be re-examined. Today was my day. “I had to move out of my apartment and I had to get rid of stuff”, my logical mind said. “But these books and class notes have been with me for a long time, like old friends,” said my emotions. “But you don’t have room for all of these books, notes, papers,” said my logical mind. “I had better keep them, I may need them
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I stood there looking at the boxes in my small apartment. As I pulled out the contents of my closets, more boxes filled with stuff. Where did all of this come from? And what was I going to do with all of it?. Some of the clothes I had not worn for several years, the foot bath detoxer, and the old tapes were no longer useful. I needed a solution — and quick. I only
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June 25, 2020

Anxiety Tamed

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You get out of bed and your first thought is — “It’s another boring day at Shelter in place.” Your heartache arises, your mind searches for a way back to freedom, then numbs out. You feel ostracized from your friends, and separated from your own loving human connection. Now the panicky feeling pops up and every little inconvenience or life challenge feels life threatening. You start snapping at others. Shelter in Place has brought us
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by Amber DeAnn, life coach, hypnotherapist, author   Once you feel you have PTSD from child abuse, do some online research. You will discover the different aspects of PTSD. There are many layers and they cover the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of you. It’s important to understand the big picture of the affects of PTSD on the human before you start your healing work.  It is not a fast “pop a pill” and you
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What do I like to do? What is my life/career path? Where should I be focusing my time and energy? What are my innate skills? What is the best life path for me? Thinking is not the answer to life’s problems. There is a bigger, better inner talent. It’s called your intuition. It is a sensory “knowing” that comes from connection to your Spirit. And it is the guidance system of your life because it
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